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Treatment Plans and Procedures for Liposuction

Lipo laser or LED treatment can include more than one session. The number of sessions needed depends on your current health condition. It will not take a single appointment to do the job right. Usually, the average session will consist of a moderate amount of fat reduction (to an extent). An example would be losing 1-2 inches from your waist in a single session. The amount of body fat is a determinant as well as the specific body part that holds the extra fat.

Mental preparation and relaxation are important things to have prior to the procedure. Patients have to be psychologically and emotionally prepared as they enter the clinic. Soothe yourself with positive affirmations and calming music. Remind yourself that the machines used today are very safe, especially the contemporary models (compared to earlier generation laser machines). Some clients say they feel very little to no sensation from the lasers. Either way, the treatment isn't painful.

Years ago, unexpected events in the treatment plan would occur. The first generation of lipo laser machines used diodes that produced wavelengths of approximately 670 nanometers. Because of this, diodes would stop working due to the overproduction of heat. If the diodes ceased working during the procedure, it would be bad for both the professionals and the client. Since then, the quality of machinery has greatly increased; today's generation of lipo laser machines will not stop working the middle of a session. The goal of keeping the paddles and machine working by performing appropriate heat management has been successfully kept.

Be sure that before your session, the diodes in the paddles are not overheated. This decreases the chances of the machine from dying during the treatment. It is something to think about, especially if the clinic has a large number of patients prior to your appointment and if older machines are still being utilized. As noted, this isn't really an issue with modern models because of their improved heat management subsystem.

Another detail to keep in mind is the duration of each treatment session. This depends on the location and type of machine used. First generation lipo laser machines take 40 to 45 minutes each session because of low energy whereas second generation machines take up to 25 minutes. Third generation machines take up to 15 minutes, but some models may take less than 10 minutes per session. These technological advancements have allowed high energy wavelengths decrease the time frame for most treatments.

The wattage in each diode has significantly decreased over time. Today's lipo lasers operate faster than previous models because energy levels have vastly improved in each diode.

Do proper research on the place that you plan to receive treatment. If you are a patient, do not make an arbitrary decision by selecting a clinic that doesn't have the proper training and certification. Plus, patients should choose a location that does not rush their sessions. Quality is important. The doctor that has created the treatment plan should have a post-procedure plan as well. You may be asked to come back to the clinic for another procedure. Avoid stopping after only doing a few sessions; consistency is key to great results even though it will cost a bit more - but otherwise, you would practically waste any dollar you invested. Without following directions, fat can remain in the targeted area or return fully.

It is encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle after treatment sessions. Healthy eating and activity will decrease the chances of needing more treatment than necessary with lipo laser (LED) machines.

My specialty is assisting clinics with picking the correct lipo laser machine for their needs and comparing various machines. This allows careful planning for successful sessions.

If you are a end-user (patient) of a lipo laser center or a practitioner, I can help you a lot. If you are planning to buy, for example to start up or enhance your health clinic or for personal use at home, I can point you to discount prices that will be the most affordable anywhere. Contact me by calling my direct number: 1-888-547-5296. I shall look forward to help you.

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