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Photo Biotech Lipo Laser: A Rapid & Efficient Lipo Device

One of the most potent and efficient devices in the world of lipo laser machines is the Photo Biotech Lipo Laser. Photo Biotech is a prominent laser equipment manufacturer using specially-crafted German diodes for energy. The device comes in three versions, each different in terms of the number of diodes. Because of this, the timing of each session is different depending on the model.

As noted, there are three different models under the brand, each containing their own specific number of diodes. For example, the $63,600 model contains 192 high-class diodes. The latter models cost $40,000 and $20,000. Despite the pricing, the Photo Biotech Lipo Laser is equipped with diodes that each have 5 milliwatts. Thankfully, this allows the perfect incineration of fat no matter which model you choose. Timing is also different. For example, the lipo laser machine with 192 diodes can complete a session in six minutes. The machine with the second most diodes takes approximately 16 minutes and the machine with the least amount of diodes (which is also the most popular model) takes about 30 minutes per session. The last model listed has about 60 diodes per paddle, which means less number of Joules per second (less strength, that is, lesser wattage).

Since all three models are of the third generation, they are all the most contemporary and efficient versions under the Photo Biotech brand. The scope of lipo laser wavelength in these models is 635 nanometers. No matter which model is chosen, it is the consistently good speed and quality of these laser machines are what makes the Photo Biotech Lipo Laser favorable amongst many people.


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