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Lipo Laser Machines and Different Types of Wavelengths

If you have taken a high school or college Physics course, you will remember that the higher the wavelength, the less energy is emitted. Wavelength uses nanometers (nm) as a unit of measurement. For example, 635 nm may be less than 1400 nm, but contains more energy and power. The lesser the number of nanometers, the better!

Now that I have clarified/reminded you of this piece of knowledge, it is time to discuss the main goal of using a lipo laser machine. The purpose is to incinerate fat from the human body. The better the fat a machine is able to break down with better infusion of the laser, the more helpful the machine is for each session. Simultaneously, the human body has to avoid high energy levels so that detrimental side effects do not occur.

How do we find wavelengths that are low enough, but strong enough to be utilized safely?

It is important to protect oneself from the harmful effects of radiation exposure. When purchasing a laser for business use, it is necessary to make sure it meets the certification. Potent laser machinery can reach up to infrared ranges (anything less than 700 nm).

As we learn more about wavelengths and lipo laser machines, one question arises: do longer wavelengths go deeper into the skin than shorter wavelengths? Some people believe that longer wavelengths achieve this, so they will create machines that follows this idea. An example of this is the Smart Lipo. Smart Lipo created their most recent Triplex machinery, which produces wavelengths up to 1,440 nanometers.

Contemporary Machinery

The majority of today's LED machinery produces wavelengths in the scope of 600 nm, which is the most useful range to most professionals. Higher energy levels in the lower wavelengths have been proven to exist before Albert Einstein was alive. That is why manufacturers tend to create machines that can go as low as possible in terms of wavelength while still being safe enough for usage.

The amount of wavelengths have varied throughout generations of laser machine production. The first generation used wavelengths of 670 nm; second generation machines produced 650 nm and third generation has approximately 635 nm. Third generation uses the highest wattages out of all generations, but the price is slightly more. Additionally, higher wavelengths have lower frequencies, and lower frequencies are related to low energy. The human body will experience detoxification and lymph drainage because of this lower frequency.

Lipo lasers and LEDs are moving forward to adding more diodes per paddle for more density and less wattage. Manufacturers want to be able to maintain the same wavelength while doing this. Researchers claim that if other factors are constant, a larger number of diodes work quicker and more effectively on the human body. Brand names that have created third generation lipo laser machinery are working towards this goal of increasing diodes. An example is Zerona, a company using many diodes (15 milliwatt diodes) for their forms of therapy that emit 635 nanometers of wavelength per device.

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