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Our Top-3 Picks of Brands

Here are the 3 brands that we like the most. When we say "like", what we mean is, when we look at the brands from a number of angles such as quality, prices, value-for-money, portability, power, generations (wavelengths), diode quality, heat management, robustness of operations, customer service, warranties (and how well those are respected), and a few other factors, we belive that the below 3 are the best available today.

Rank 1: Slim Light Pro

Slim Light Pro is our number 1 pick. We cover this brand more on this page (click here).

For: Great quality, as good as any other premium brand with first-class diodes and everything else, but the winning factor is its pricing. Its priced at 15-20% of a lot of the premium brands, and yet matches those across all the other factors we look at. The pads are great, and the blankets are simply incredible (and priced much lower than the pads). A great choice for both home/family use as well as business use (or even mixed-mode use).

Against: Not much.

Link to their official website: Click Here

Rank 2: Lipo Melt

Lipo Melt, also known as Lipo Melt Pro, is our number 2 pick. We cover this brand more on this page (click here).

For: Strong build. Great quality. Excellent customer support.

Against: Nothing technical against it. Priced too high for most individual users for home-use (family use), even though well-suited for businesses.

Link to their official website: Click Here

Rank 3: Vevazz

Vevazz is our pick number 3. We cover this brand more on this page (click here).

For: Customer service. Quality. Variety of models.

Against: Technically good machines, but pricing is on the higher side. Update: Recently, Vevazz has suspended selling its units, due to some internal reasons. We do hope they come back soon.

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