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iLipo Laser Machine by Chromogenex: An Affordable Lipo Laser Machine With Class

Over the years, Chromogenex has proven its worth as a company that has withstood the test of time, and has kept up its reputation of being able to produce a multitude of medical and aesthetic laser instruments. The company's lipo laser machinery has impressed numerous professionals and their patients. It is known for its production of one of the first generation lipo laser machines. With this experience, it has allowed Chromogenex to catapult itself in the laser industry.

The sleek, contemporary iLipo is from the second generation with a potent wavelength between 660 and 650 nanometers. It comes with four laser paddles, composed of 36 laser diodes. Each laser diode helps the iLipo create 38 to 40 milliwatts (1.3 watts), a respectable short, but powerful range of energy. All four paddles can be used in parallel, allowing the fat removal procedure to be swift in completion.

The iLipo comes with an integrated cooling mechanism which allows several sessions to be completed without breaks. Because of its amazing abilities and potency, it has been favored throughout the liposuction industry. The vigorous air-cooling system built into the machine allows itself to stay cool before and after treatment sessions. In addition to the cooling mechanism, the iLipo comes with 5A ceramic timed fuses.

The usual operation surroundings have a temperature range of 10˚-30˚ C. Each machine weighs approximately 9.1 kg and can utilize a 100 to 110 volt power line. It is the perfect size (32cm x 46cm x 44cm) without occupying too much space. The measurements do not include the machine's stand.

All machines are made in the UK, which is why the structure and quality of the iLipo is superb.


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