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Planning to buy a lipo laser/LED for home use?

Most of the brands we have reviewed and recommended on this website you see on the other tabs are meant for commercial setups treating multiple patients in a day, usually in short intervals, including often back-to-back. These setups require commercial-grade units with top-of-the-line heat management that can keep the machines cool, usable (comfortable for patients to get inside and use) and comfortable.

Before we go to the obvious place (Amazon) and the right links - one point to call out. Our #1 top choice, Slim Light Pro, is anyway a brand that works for both business and home use, unlike the others. Their blankets and pads can function hours on with perfect heat management and usage comfort, and their pricing (especially the blanket) is something we have seen a lot of home-users find suitable. Especially, they can get their whole family on it, no interruption, and no heating either (unlike quite a few of the entry-level units, given below).

Now, the next set of machines. Please note, you need to take these with a grain of salt, they do not come anywhere close to the Slim Light Pro. However, unlike the other units that are tagged at thousands of dollars, these are much more affordable, at just a few hundred dollars here on So yeah, if you are an individual user (not a business), and want to try out a lipo/cold laser/LED unit at home, this is worth a consideration.

A couple of units are listed below, including whatever the best deals are this point of time. Feel free to check these out.

Unit: Vinmax cold laser (click here to view details on Amazon)

Unit: 650nm Lipo Low Laser Diode Cold Laser Fat Burners Body Slimming Fat Burner Equipment (click here to view details on Amazon)

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