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Lipo Laser Machines: Mobility and Potency (Strength)

Lipo laser machines are chosen mainly by two significant factors: potency and mobility. The potency and strength of lipo laser machines allow users to get the optimum results at a reasonable pace. Also, these machines should be able to move around freely without issues. The most potent and mobile lipo laser machines aren't always heavy; some are pretty lightweight for easy usage and storage. You need to be fully aware of these two factors when choosing the model that you want to own.

Lipo Lasers and Mobility

The strongest lipo laser machine is not always the easiest to move around. The same goes in reverse. Some machines are very mobile and compact while others are large and bulky. Some models have wheels attached to make pushing or pulling the machine easy. Others have easy assemble and disassemble qualities and can be stowed away. Of course, there are models that do not have either capability.

Potency and Strength

Lipo laser machines have existed for three generations, each previous generation inspiring the next. The initial (first) generation utilized wavelengths of at least 670 nm. Although not very strong, these machines have led to the next generation with the goal of burning fat.

The second generation increased in strength because the machines used less wavelengths. This generation used the more powerful 650 nm wavelengths. The most recent generation (third) utilizes approximately 635 nanometers and penetrates into adipose tissue effectively. This results in the incineration of body fat.

The machine's strength comes from the wavelength produced by the diodes. It has nothing to do with brightness. Brightness simply tells us the number of diodes inserted and placed in the laser/LED paddles. At the end of the day, wavelength is the factor to focus carefully. A low wavelength and higher frequency is very effective. A high wavelength and lower frequency is not as effective, in fact, it is very weak.

It is important to know how much power is consumed by LED/lipo laser machinery. The number of watts depends on the machine; some use around 6 watts while other devices use more than 46 watts. The majority of the older models utilize more wattage, but are less productive. As time flies, laser machines are moving forward with less wattage, but more productivity. More wattage does not mean the machine will be faster. Wattage per diode is between 5 and 20 milliwatts, so the amount of energy expended by the machine is the sum of energy absorbed by each diode.

If you have questions on the type of lipo laser machine you would like to purchase and if the specific model has the necessary strength and mobility capabilities, feel free to contact me. My direct number is 1-888-547-5296. You may compare different kinds of machines as I have a detailed list that may be used for you to gain a deeper knowledge.

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