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Which Lipo Laser Machine is Best for You?

Lipo laser machines are expensive for clinics to purchase, and causes doctors to charge patients high prices for each treatment session. It can be an onus on both the clinics and the patients. When comparing lipo laser machines, it is best to be well-informed and educated on the topic, before spending large quantities of cash.

As a clinician or client, it is important to find out how to choose the best lipo laser machine for the job. How does one select the right model?

There are factors to learn about before purchasing. As a business owner, you must know roughly how many sessions each client will need. It is hard to determine since everybody reacts to treatment differently. Most individuals undergo 6 to 12 sessions. For example, a person who needs 8 sessions will have to go to two appointments each week, for a total of four weeks. As a reminder, it depends on the client.

A clinic will be packed with many clients. It is important to know if after seeing a client, the doctor takes any breaks between sessions. If the answer is yes, then how long is each break?

More than likely, breaks are done between each session. The lipo laser machine is based on quality, so better quality will lead to quicker cool-downs of th machine after a session of usage. Contemporary machines have built-in cooling mechanisms, so they will cool off faster than older machines. Short breaks are perfect for this. The majority of third generation machines (today's models) will have these cooling mechanisms integrated. Because of this, a space between two sessions will cause no harm. The break may not even take long and the fear of the machine's stability is low (if even present). Older generation machinery is the complete opposite. So, the generation of the machine and how long it has been running are important factors to know.

The length of the session depends on which body part is being worked. With this knowledge, the clinic's staff and patients are better prepared and complete the session quickly and effectively. The faster the session, the more patients the clinic can serve. Besides, patients are grateful for short (quick) sessions because it gives them time to rest and relax afterwards. Thankfully, these sessions have little to no pain included. Liposuction in the arms or chin will take less time during a session than thigh or abdominal sections. The number of sessions will be drastically different as well as duration.

Keep in mind that preceding generations (first and second) have lasers using 10-20 milliwatt laser-producing diodes. These diodes last up to 4,000 to 6,000 hours of laser generation work. At some point of time, these machines will overheat, especially during continuous sessions without breaks. Today's generation of lipo laser/LED machines does not have that problem because the diodes contain less milliwatts (less than 8 milliwatts) and can last for 10,000 hours. The wavelengths are 635 nm, which are lower and stronger than previous generations (650-670 nanometer diodes). Since these diodes can last longer, more sessions can be completed.

An important aspect to think about is the rate of body lymph drainage. A long session cannot happen to remove all of the fat in one day; multiple sessions are necessary. The human body cannot take so much stress; it will not drain all of the lymph at once. The laser itself cannot be used continuously for long periods of time without breaks. Human bodies have their limitations, and when pushing beyond limitations, bad health conditions may arise. Time and patience is necessary for successful results. If over-draining continues, the body will react terribly instead of slimming down.

Another determinant is the quantity of lymph the body can drain. Duration of the drainage is included as well. If your body is great at handling lymph and waste drainage, then a third generation lipo laser machine should be used. Otherwise, older generation machines should be utilized. Session duration varies; longer sessions are for bodies that drain fast while multiple, shorter sessions are for bodies that remove waste and lymph at a slower pace.

Laser or LED? This is a perfect question to ask. There isn't a single answer to this query, since lipo lasers and lipo LEDs of all generations have their benefits and disadvantages. Traditional lipo laser machines are quicker than lipo LEDs. People who do not have a great lymphatic drainage system can look into lipo LEDs, which are suitable to use. At the end of the day, the health of the patient is the most important to determine what is best.

Learn about the technology and surface while looking at different machines. Do you know which generation you will purchase? First generation has 670 nm, second generation has 650 nm, and third generation uses 635 nm of laser wavelength. This allows you to pick the strength and potency of a laser. Compare the types of paddles, the number of diodes, and the distribution of all diodes. You can determine the strength of a machine by its surface. Also, this tells you the laser infusion rate. Fluence is determined by the quantity of diodes; this tells us how much the laser will cover the body for even fat drainage. The quantity of paddles tells users how much one can do for each session.

Check to be sure that the machine contains an immaculate, dust-free laser lens for the best quality of sessions. Dust can cause the laser machine to overheat and the built-in cooling mechanism will have a harder time to work. Diodes are at risk of burning quicker.

Factors are plentiful when it comes to comparing and purchasing lipo laser/LED machines. The number of available options can make it harder to decide, even if a user has purchased earlier models of machinery since new generations emerge. If you would like some assistance on the matter of comparing and picking lipo laser machines, contact me at 1-888-547-5296.

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