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This site was created and is maintained by me (Sue), and along with my business partner Eddie we indulge in reviewing any lipo laser machine that we can get our hands on. As far as lipo lasers are concerned, we have been reviewing them back since 2011, and now is 2024. Long number of years, with tons of experiences over so many years, over so many researchers, information seekers and buyers!

Over the period of time, we realized that we need a structured outlet where we can share our findings with the readers, so that they can take informed decisions while reviewing or buying lipo laser / LED machines. Hence, we launched in August 2016, with the first five years of our experience. We subsequently re-branded our group as Slender Lasers. And since then, we have been able to help countless readers, researchers and customers, fulfilling their needs, and have provided information for all over the phone, 24 x 7 (1-888-547-5296).

Here, I summarize my learning and understanding gained over this long number of years, and add what my partner Eddie also thinks. This has been a long road, but an enriching one with wonderful and deep insight. I am sharing that with you, the readers of this site, so that you can make informed decisions with these laser machines, for whatever you want to do - whether you are a health club owner, or health service provider, or an end-patient looking for help, or a researcher looking for knowledge. There is something for all of you.

I created this site (and another one also), so that I can help users identify the right laser machines suitable for their requirements. I actively keep gathering feedback from users of the lipo laser / LED machines, regarding quality, make, brand and any experience they would want to share. If you have any experience to share, opinion to ask for, review of any manufacturer (good or bad, whichever) that you may have, or anything else, just pass it over on email ( or phone (1-888-547-5296).

Further, if you are a buyer (individual buyer or buying for commercial purposes), I would also be able to help you in getting the best prices in whichever model you choose to buy, with often significant price discounts or bonus offers that would be ongoing. So irrespective of the brand and model, I would suggest you to drop by here once, and make sure that you double-check so that you don't miss anything. This has often resulted in saving thousands of dollars for customers, which is significant. Just call me up on 1-888-547-5296 and get in touch.

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