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Slim Light Pro (LED) - Incredible Value, and at Incredible Cost!

Slim Light Pro (official website) is the one that transforms the market, by finally providing breakthrough in terms of affordable pricing, while keeping up the best of quality. As far as quality is concerned, it is immediately comparable to the top-of-the-line brand models that are available today (top brands that you've also seen elsewhere on this website being reviewed by me and my team).

Slim Light Pro 3000 - The Blanket System
Slim Light Pro 4000 - The Pad System

About Slim Light Pro

Slim Light Pro are red LED light systems, that have a range of third-generation wavelengths associated. They mix near infrared with red LED light in a manner that the body receives comfortable heat, and yet has deep pentration, and delivers all the benefits that light systems typically offer.

The Slim Light Pro 3000 is a soft and flexible blanket, that one can wrap around, lie down on (or even under), and even put up on the couch while watching TV! No other top-quality brand offers this as of today, among the ones that we reviewed. This is clearly the best fit for personal, home-based use that exists today. It can easily be used for commercial purposes too, and also, is lightweight and portable - can be carried anywhere, even on vacations (and have a warm and wonderful vacation!).

And the Slim Light Pro 4000 is a typical pad system. This is also great for home use, but is also a perfect suit for commercial use. We have seen the use of Slim Light Pro 4000 in both the settings - home and business. And some users also do a mixed use (both at home and business), as these light pads are almost additive, as some say. The units are equipped with 6 pads, of different sizes and shapes to serve different parts of the body.


Pricing of Slim Light Pro 3000: This is in the range of $4,000.

Pricing of Slim Light Pro 4000: This is in the range of $9,000.

Clearly, in terms of pricing, nobody comes close. Most good brands are priced at 5x-7x higher, and some are even 10x-20x higher. And given that the quality of these units are as good as the other premium ones, it is obvious why Slim Light Pro is our #1 choice today. This is the unit that has transformed the market, and made LED light units available to the end-consumers for lifetime at a one-time cost. The effect is revolutionary.

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My Recommendation

Slim Light Pro is clearly the Market Leader today in terms of value, pricing (money) and value-for-money - everything. They are officially available here: Slim Light Pro official website.

That said, as I have suggested, you may want to take our online quiz here to find whether Slim Light Pro is what you are indeed looking for. I have tested the machine and compared its characteristics with other brands and models. A discussion with me is likely to prove to be informative - call me at 1-888-547-5296, and I shall help you understand in more details and answer all the questions you have.

Generally, I have the best prices available (across the board - online and physical stores combined). Unfortunately, I cannot share the specific prices online. Call me at 1-888-547-5296 and I can assist you with great pricing and deals. I want you to find what you are looking for at a reasonable cost.

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