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Lipo Laser Beds (Tables)

Lipo laser beds (also known as lipo laser tables) are exactly what the name sounds like - a bed for the patient to lie down on and conduct the session. Unlike a traditional lipo laser (or LED), the bed surface can move up / down, and the patient will be auto-wrapped with the pads that are fitted as a structure to the beds. Overall, this presents an end-to-end lipo laser based fat removal system, where the process is more rounded.

Akin to other lipolaser units (the traditional laser and LED units both), the laser beds are also made of straps (pads) and diodes fitted onto those. The operational technology is primarily third-generation LED.

The patient will lie down on the lipolaser bed just like they lie down on any normal bed. Once the session start button is pressed, the bed will first align the surface to the patient's body shape and the pads, and then wrap the patient with the targeted pads (which could be all or some of the body parts, as instructed) and the non-surgical liposuction process will begin.

A session is typically 10, 15 or 20 minutes. The setup is very simple, takes less than 2 minutes literally. Just get the patient to lie down and push a button. The process is explained in the schematic diagram below (follow the sequence numbers 1-6, the sequence has been presented row-wise).

Laser Bed (Table)

Lipo laser (LED) beds are much more expensive compared to traditional third generation lipo LEDs upfront, but they come with a couple of benefits. And if you do the math, the additional cost pays off fast and yields more profits compared to the traditional lipo lasers and LEDs. The main benefits of these beds are as follows.

Benefit: Easy Cleaning

One benefit of the system is easy cleaning. It is much simpler to clean these systems, unlike the traditional lipo lasers. This can be attributed to the structure, automation inbuilt into the system and the nature of operations (the way it operates). This makes life simpler, and you can run more sessions with lesser effort.

Major Benefit: Self-Running System (Staff Hiring Not Necessary)

This is what sets the lipo laser beds (tables) apart from traditional lipolasers. The whole process has so much automation inbuilt that it practically becomes a self-running process. You don't need to hire separate stuff or operate yourself. The patient will be able to self-operate, with one push of a button from you to start the process off if you wish. While the upfront cost of the machines are high, depending upon your business volumes, it takes around 1.5 - 2 years to recover the amount (staff expenses that you save against what you pay extra to buy the lipo laser bed), and becomes highly profitable beyond that. In addition, the whole headache of hiring good staff, ensuring they do their work, making sure they maintain appropriate behavior - all the hassles of staff hiring disappear. And in addition, the patients undergo a more rounded and comfortable experience.


The lipolaser beds / tables are manufactured only by a limited few, because of the limited awareness among buyers. However, the warranties are equivalent to any standard lipo LED/laser unit warranty, and these units tend to last longer as humans rarely need to touch them (no damage caused during cleaning or manual operations etc.).

We are well-connected with the manufacturers, and are one of the leading sellers of these units. Thus, we pass over the bulk discounts we receive from the manufacturers, to the customers. Hence, we offer the best discounts, anywhere - please call to discuss prices.

Price of Laser Beds

Before discount(s): $50,000
After discount(s): Call me at 1-888-547-5296 (We have really huge discounts - call to find the discounted prices.)

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