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Lipo Melt Laser (LED) - A Modern Machine That Delivers Performance!

Lipo Melt is one of the most advanced brands that are available today. Since the brand is one of the newer ones in the lipo Laser space, they are technically one of the most "modern" brands. Further, since it is technically a lipo LED machine, the machine is inexpensive - it is manifold less expensive compared to its direct laser-based competitors. Also, while running a Lipo Melt machine during my tests, I have clearly concluded that it is one of the most effective machines around. It is one of my most favorite machines.

The Technical Aspects of Lipo Melt

The Lipo Melt is a LED machine, belonging to the third generation. The machine is equipped with 635 nm strong wavelength LED diode configuration. Further, it provides an additional 880 nm high wavelength (low energy) spectrum as well, that enables the body to initially warm up before the session goes full steam. Using Lipo Melt, one can expect 20-minute sessions on an average, and around 8-12 sessions per patient for a compelte end-to-end process. The exact number of sessions, of course, will depend upon the conditions of the given patient. Back-to-back sessions can be easily done, thanks to the highly efficient heat regulation system accompanying the laser (LED).

Lipo Melt offers nice state-of-the-art flexibility with the pads (paddles). They are built equipped with 6 pads - one each for the hip (buttock) and abdomen, and two each for the thighs and arms. The hip/buttock and the abdomen wrapping pads are 40 inches wide each. The patient is made to lie down on these pads (after placing them on the therapy strap), and then these are wrapped around the body of the patient. The arm pads are 24 inch and the thigh pads are 30 inch wide. Each of the pads are flexible, and have a dense collection of diodes that produces sufficient lumence (leading to faster sessions). The pads are flexible in nature, and are widely regarded as some of the most comfortable pads around.s

How effective is a Lipo Melt machine on a patient?

The Lipo Melt machine yields LED, not laser. There are a whole bunch of modern-day machines that have replaced the older-day core laser with the soft and health-friendly LED systems. Although the LEDs are less powerful in nature compared to the traditional laser, but the engineering that the Lipo Melt and other modern-day LED machines very effective. LED is near-infrared in case of Lipo Melt (and many other brands). It plays a key role in increasing the heat and energy levels of the somatic cells (the cells that the human body is made of). The LED machines in general, under test conditions, have been observed to release 99% of the adipose tissue fats, which is phenomenal. The pioneering research on cold light by NASA and supported by other research labs, has been at the core of creating the LED technology that powers the Lipo Melt lipo LED machines. Add the fact that Lipo Melt's heat management system is good enough to allow it to work for long hours at a stretch, plus its attractive pricing, and it becomes obvious that Lipo Melt is one of the strong candidates that a potential buyer would want to seriously look at.

What are the LipoMelt models?

There are multiple. Ultimate Light is one. Trifecta Light is another. Both are great, and in general effective. Let's discuss what will work for you on the phone, it could be one or the other or both. Let me ask you a few questions on the phone so that I can suggest well.

And there are some fantastic laser beds too by LipoMelt. Those are the best I have seen in the state of the art. But there are three other brands that perform almost equally well. I've been meaning to write the review for those too - but been struggling for time. Call me to discuss these 4 brands - beds are more expensive than pads but they really help businesses move even faster.


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My Recommendation

As I have suggested, you may want to take our online quiz here to find whether Lipo Melt is what you are indeed looking for. I have tested the machine and compared its characteristics with other brands and models. A discussion with me is likely to prove to be informative - call me at 1-888-547-5296, and I shall help you understand in more details and answer all the questions you have.

Generally, I have the best prices available (across the board - online and physical stores combined). Unfortunately, I cannot share the specific prices online. Call me at 1-888-547-5296 and I can assist you with great pricing and deals. I want you to find what you are looking for at a reasonable cost. Plus, if you would like a demonstration (trial) before buying, I can have one set up for you.

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