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Lipo Laser Machines and Pads / Paddles

A single lipo laser machine will come with more than one pad or paddle. Note that, the paddles are the smaller units with lesser number of diodes, and the lipo laser machines will have a comparatively higher number of those, compared to the pads that are bigger in size and the laser lipo machines will have a comparatively lesser number of those. For most part of this article, I shall use the word "paddle" while I mean both, unless I mention otherwise.

These paddles contain several diodes inside. Efficiency within LED and lipo laser machinery can be determined by a trio of factors: the number of paddles used (and can be added onto the machine), the quantity of diodes in each paddle, and the depth of penetration when the diodes are at their optimum capability (or at their lowest effectiveness). The capability is quantified by wavelength.

Quantity and quality of the paddles are essential to the completeness of lipo laser machines. It is suggested to begin with four paddles, containing diodes that will penetrate successfully. Additional paddles can be attached depending on the manufacturer and model of the machine.

The disadvantage of adding paddles is the difficulty to manage the quantity used during a laser session. The best brands create bigger paddles for quicker coverage. This decreases the problem that multiple, smaller paddles have in comparison.

Not only do you need to know how many diodes are used, but the penetration power in each paddle and how they are placed or organized. It is vital to know how the diodes are distributed within each paddle for the best quality as you use a lipo laser. Diodes usually range between 670 and 635 nanometers (in terms of penetration) depending upon the generation of the machine, versus when starting the process (up to 1,060 nm).

After application, the paddles need to be cooled off. This decreases the chances of bruising from overheating. More modern paddles may contain cooling mechanisms so the diodes and paddles do not overproduce heat. Body Slender one of the examples of lipo laser machines with such cooling mechanisms built in. Other models and brands have built-in fans inside the paddles so that they can cool off while continuing work.

Lastly, you must know the type of materials used to create the paddles. Contemporary models use fiberglass because of its lightness and effectiveness, while others use a high-quality plastic. Older models were made from stainless steel, but they are no longer made.

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