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The Lipo Light LED Machine: One of the Pioneers of LED Machinery

As one of trailblazers of LED machinery, Lipo Light opened the world to new possibilities. Since its initial launch, clinicians and patients have proclaimed its amazing capabilities and results; thus, it has allowed the brand to remain prominent. Today, it is one of the more sought-after brands that clinicians, clubs and salons look for, as well as, the end-users like using.

The Lipo-Light utilizes 16 powerful probes (pads/paddles). This has made the these units among some of the most potent LED machines in the industry. The power density (energy emitted per second) is in the high numbers, emitting 5.7 Joules per second (that is, 5.7 watts). If you compared this device from the UK to brands manufactured in China, you will see that China's machines only release 1.2 to 1.4 Joules per second. The immense difference in strength is one of the reasons people may choose the Lipo-Light brand over many others.

Note that, not all the probes need to be used all the time. Each probe is optimally designed to work well for a certain part of the body. So the appropriate way to use is to only activate the probes that will focus on the target body areas of a given patient in a given session. And then, in the next session, activate the probes that will focus on the target body areas of the next patient. And so on. That way, the operating expenses (which are low anyway) are minimized, unnecessary heat generation is avoided (the unit has a wonderful state-of-the-art heat management system and can function for hours at a stretch) and the probes are best utilized.

There are 30 diodes within each of the 16 probes. Because of the great power density, Lipo Light has proven itself time after time that it dominates many-known brands of LED machinery. It retains its marketable sense of class and capability. The 16 paddles work in parallel for efficiency purposes. Also, clients feel comfortable using the paddles on their bodies.

Note that, one need not run all the probes at all the times. It is sufficient to run only the ones needed, at a given point of time, and keep the remaining idle. Which probes are to be run in a given session, is best decided at the time of operating the machine, based upon which areas of the body of the patient the session is intended for.

Generally, the session length is approximately 20 minutes, but it takes at least 8 sessions to finish the program. It is based on what areas of the body are being treated. Lipo Light suggests only using 4-8 paddles in parallel instead of all 16. This is still powerful and quick.

Also note that, the Lipo Light having a third generation laser technology, it enjoys a state-of-the-art heat management system. The heat generated in a session is removed as the unit operates, and thus the unit practically never heats up. As a result, one can keep using it over back-to-back sessions for a long time, over many hours. This is beneficial for the clinics / salons, as they can deal with more patients within a shorter period of time.

This takes to the next aspect - how has the experience of salon/clinic owners using the Lipo Light been? The short answer is - good. There are several reasons for that. First, the heat management. Any business owner would want to maximize the number of clients that they can treat, in a given span of time. Many of the traditional lipo lasers get heated up, and all of a sudden stop operating for a while. Not only it is annoying for the client (patient) who is in the middle of his/her session, but also loss-making for the business as (a) precious time is wasted and (b) the client goes back with a bad experience and untoward feedback. Since the Lipo Light does a great job of heat management, this unwanted situation never arises - the machine keeps working continuously for long hours without heating up or stopping.

And hence, when it is said that many referral patients enjoy the machine and the salons/clinics/clubs get lots of referral customers, that does not come as a surprise. It clearly shows that people truly enjoy the piece of technology that the Lipo-Light is equipped with.

Next, the power and fluence of the Lipo Light model. Being a third-generation machine, it is not surprising that the unit is a powerful one. It uses third-generation diodes. That essentially means, the machine will give high-frequency low-wavelength laser beams, which is what you would want to have to maximize the power. Always note that, the higher the frequency, the lower the wavelength, the higher the power. Some people often get confused on this.

And the large number of paddles with a high diode density ensures sufficient fluence for the Lipo Light LED. Remember that, fluence has got nothing to do with the power of any lipolaser machine. Fluence on the other hand determines how much area of the body you can cover at a given time, with how much density of coverage. It is purely the wavelength/frequency of the laser emitted by the diodes that determines the power of the machine, and not the density of packing of the diodes.

The Lipo Light is a great machine both in terms of power (the wavelength and frequency of the laser beam given by the diodes) as well as the fluence (how many such powerful diodes are available in a given unit area of the body, that will send the laser beams to the body). All of these factors makes the sessions on the Lipo Light machine faster and more wholesome, benefiting both the patient (client) and the clinic/salon owner. This, along with the efficient heat management and capability to operate non-stop for long hours, are the primary reasons make the unit a favorite among the commercial users.

Lipo Light, like many other lipolaser units, claims to be able to impede producing new fat cells. According to this claim, using the technology has an advantage that, while in traditional surgical liposuction procedure the adipose/fat cells will only be removed, this will reduce the likelihood of fat newly getting stored after the removal, and thus the chance of getting fat is reduced.

The sessions will trigger the lipolysis procedure. This releases free fatty acids, and the lymph drainage system will eliminate this from the body. The heat and light generated by the lipo laser/LED devices, including the Lipo Light, will also lead to production of collagen. That in turn tones the skin, making it tighter and more glowing. All these are favorable for the patient/client, as the long term benefits are maximized.

Price of the Lipo Light machines

Before discount(s): $19,995
After discount(s): Call me at 1-888-547-5296

Generally, I have the best prices in the market. I am unable to share prices online, but I would be more than happy to talk more. Reach me at 1-888-547-5296. Further, I suggest you to make sure if the Lipo Light brand and model is right for you by taking our quiz (click here). The quiz will guide you in making the right decision towards your investment.

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