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Lipo Laser Machines: Avoiding Scams, Charlatans, and False Claims

My team and I have discussed with clinic, spa, and club owners (and patients) about the purchasing and selling of lipo laser and lipo LED machinery. Both owners and patients have had good experiences with these devices, but there are still serious dilemmas that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, there are false claims and scams that can cause both the professional and client problems, which raise false expectations and create wrong mindsets. Let's discuss more about these crafty charlatans and their claims.

Below, my team and I have compiled a list of common claims and scams related to lipo laser machines.

Training in Post-Treatment Care

This is a very important aspect of the laser treatment experience. Today, treatment is simple to complete because of technological improvements. Sadly, clients will point out that there's a problem with the procedure. This can lead the professional caregivers to believe that there is something faulty with the machine. The fact is that the sellers of lipo laser machines do not properly train the professionals on how to care for the patients after treatment. Without this knowledge, patients are at risk for damage (especially if the professional is not a medical doctor).

Fluence versus Diode Quantity

The quantity of laser-producing diodes isn't the only factor behind fluence. Fluence can come from having a low number of bright diodes. Inspecting visually for fluence can be misleading, so you should look at the emitted laser wavelengths. A laser or diode with 635 nanometers that has low fluence is better to own (is a stronger lipo laser machine) than a 670 nm device with high fluence.

Costs and Discounts

While it is true that lipo laser machines are high in price, it is important to know that some machines are overpriced. Yes, the machine may be priced between $20,000 and $100,000, but there are companies that have more reasonably priced machines than others. In my experience, I have been able to get discounts on a myriad of lipo laser machines from popular brands. These are discounts worth thousands! Bulk discounts is something I am greatly familiar with, so call me at 1-888-547-5296. I guarantee that I can get you the best prices that you can afford (as long as it is a brand that is on my list); I will include a money back guarantee.

Possible Unethical Deals from Lipo Centers to Patients

There are countless ways lipo laser centers have displayed unethical forms of trickery towards their clients. Professionals at these businesses may give unfair deals to clients, causing them to shell out more money than expected. They may offer treatment by claiming to use third generation, technologically-advanced machines when these are old machines that are of low-quality. This can create problems during a treatment session. Some places will have clients experience more sessions than necessary. It occurs because the businesses want to cover what was invested into the lipo laser machinery, so more will be billed onto the patient. Customers are at risk of issues during and after treatment, especially when businesses will have them undergo a few low-cost treatment sessions and increase the price later on. Thankfully because of third-generation LED machines, prices have drastically decreased while efficiency has increased. It is still a risk for patients since this problem is deeply incorporated with some lipo center owners' practices. Further, there are situations when the patients should not use laser/LED treatment at all, and the centers ought to inform/educate the patients accordingly, which is often enough overlooked/missed.

Too Much Heat

Overheating is a common technical issue that has been noticed for many years. Diodes are responsible for emitting lasers; which is the reason for overheating. These mechanisms need time to cool off post-session. Many patients are entering and leaving the clinic after sessions, so it is hard to have time for the diodes to cool off properly between appointments. When overheating occurs, the entire paddle and diodes cease working, thus causing the session to not begin or stop suddenly. This is a horrible experience for clients. Many lipo laser centers do not wait between sessions to allow the machines to cool down before the following patient.

Third generation machines work efficiently against overheating, especially those with 635 nm wavelengths. The diode will heat up slowly and carefully. The worry of mechanical problems isn't likely and the patient can complete treatment without frequent issues.

Machine Quality versus Treatment Time

One of the most prominent issues with lipo laser businesses is the number of clients entering and leaving the place. Many professionals schedule back-to-back treatment sessions, causing doctors to unnecessarily speed up each session. They want more patients to visit so that they can earn more income. Because of how professionals treat the treatment process, they do not give the adequate post-operative care to clients. It has nothing to do with the lipo laser machine itself, but how clinics and spas are being handled.

This comes with a series of problems. The client may need more treatment sessions, which will lead him or her to spend more money towards the procedure. Also, the clinic may not give the necessary post-op care so they can speed clients in and out of the building. Even if they know how to give the care! This negatively affects time and quality for all individuals involved.

As a reminder, lipo laser machines do not work for everyone the same. If you do not notice any positive changes within the first session, it is best to discontinue treatment. The machinery may not work for you. If you are uncertain, visit a different lipo laser treatment center, but do not be surprised if the result remains the same.

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